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Our Mission

Our mission is to elevate the quality of workers in the healthcare industry through proper and suitable placements. We want the US to be known for quality people at every level of healthcare.  We want to eradicate the disrespectful and dispassionate from healthcare jobs because we believe people deserve better. We can sometimes be a bit obsessed with patient care but that is because we know first hand what a difference quality care and kindness can make in a patient’s hour of need.

Message From the Vice-President


My wife was diagnosed with cancer recently and needed to have a mastectomy. We drove to the hospital the morning of surgery scared and worried. But from the first moment we signed in we were treated as valued guests by every single person working there. From admissions, concierges, volunteers, janitors, nurses, technicians, surgeons and even the suited executives walking past us in the halls..  everyone made eye contact, acknowledged us and welcomed us with a word or smile. All employees collectively cared for us in their way which added to our experience. This is what makes a hospital great.

The long fretful day ended when my wife woke up in PACU and was helped by a nurse waiting to go home at the end of her 12 hour shift. She was very friendly, funny, and authentic and made us feel like a dear friend, not a stranger. Instead of the normal painful process of the after surgery checkout, we were actually laughing. Without rushing us through anything, she sent us home that night with smiles on our faces and hope in our hearts. It was a life changing experience for us to understand how important she was in helping us through the scariest time of our lives. We were so grateful for her love and kindness and we feel that was integral to my wife’s healing.

We want this type of wonderful person at every level in healthcare because we know every single job is very important. Let’s hire more of these people and give every patient and their loved ones the same gift we got.

- Austin Morioka

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