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Our Services:

Did you know we have an easy, turnkey business solution for you to address your nursing shortages?  We procure fully trained and credentialed staff nurses and allied health professionals from around the globe to save you the extra costs of travel nurses and per diem staff workers. Starting with sourcing, screening, background checks, facilitating the hiring process, management of immigration documents, credentialing, state licensure and coordination of relocation logistics. You end up with an NCLEX passed, English-speaking, BSN level nurse with 2 years minimum experience to hit the ground running and prevent you from closing your doors.  Learn more.

Talent Acquisition

 A healthcare recruiting service is all about getting people hired. To that end, we specialize in hard to fill roles. Whether your pressing need is due to being in a very rural area, or perhaps you have a job that has been open for years, clients come to us because they haven’t been able to fill a job on their own. We consistently get compliments on how quickly we locate an extraordinary person for roles that are considered impossible to fill. Our results are not an anomaly, but due to our data backed methods, our large talent pool of warm candidates, our network and connections, and most of all our team’s experience in finding great talent. We will never work with a mediocre candidate so you don’t have to worry about us sending you one. We believe we have a huge role to play in elevating the standards of care in our society by replacing every mediocre healthcare worker with someone passionate and compassionate. Your patients and their loved ones deserve nothing less. We will all be patients at some point and we deserve care from people who care enough to be the best. 

Patient Care & Quality Standards

Patient care is important to us. It has been shocking and sad to hear horror stories over the years about how badly patients are being treated and how complicit healthcare workers can be in needless suffering and death. In an environment where someone is ill and vulnerable, it is shameful to be full of people uncaring or driven by money only. Conscientious candidates tell us their reasons for leaving their jobs and often it is because they can no longer work in a facility where people just don’t care and patients suffer for it.

We want to support businesses who are interested in raising their standards and improving their quality. If you dont have the right staff to raise the level of care in your facility, we can fix that. If patient care is what you want to improve upon, our missions are aligned. We will search and sort through the best candidates that champion improvement in patient care. Let us help you find the people who can improve your quality standards and patient care goals.

Read the Message From our Vice-President to find out more about why this drives us.

Diversity & Inclusion

We are big proponents of diversity and inclusion and feel we can make a big impact in the workforce by submitting a more diverse group of candidates to your interview process. Sometimes it is not easy for hospitals to think about diversity, especially for jobs that dont typically attract many women or minorities so we take on that goal ourselves. For example in the executive space there are not as many women or minorities available with the right qualifications so we have to work harder to find them. As a recruiter, this translates to spending much more time and money than other recruiting firms who will present just anybody, but we are willing to do it to lead the way. We strive to present a highly qualified pool of talent of mixed gender, background and ethnicity so that you can reach your diversity goals. If you are serious about change, we can locate candidates who will help you design an appropriate strategy and manage the challenges you face as you move toward systemic, cultural and behavioral changes in your organization.

Individual Career Consultation

I coach executives in any and every aspect related to a job search. Many people do not realize there is right and wrong way to go about traveling a particular career path. Since a majority of your time is spent in a job and not necessarily looking for one, it isn’t surprising that one never really gets good at job search. Since this is true for most people, learning the correct way to go about your search strategy will give you an edge on your competition, save you time, money and sometimes regret. Since I am somewhat of a gatekeeper, I look at your resume and LinkedIn profile from the point of view of my hiring managers and executives who will ultimately hire you. I can tell you what you are doing well and what you are not doing well and how to approach your interviews, how to sell your skill set, how to answer questions authentically and the exact steps to take to get to your next level. If you are currently interviewing and haven’t gotten an offer, I can almost always tell you why based on your responses to me. I can tell you how to differentiate yourself from other candidates because I know what’s out there and what my employers are really looking for. If you are not at the level my clients want, I will tell you how to get there.

Even after accepting a job, your career development doesn’t end there. You must constantly position yourself for your next advancement. I’ll look at your career with a wide view lens and whatever aspirations you have, I will help you reach it with my distinct combination of industry and market knowledge coupled with experience as an executive coach. A one hour session is typical for staff level job seekers and 1 to 3 hours is preferred for executives and the C-Suite. 

$150 an Hour

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