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Introducing Our Global Nursing/Allied Health Program 

E-Health Jobs focuses on Permanent Placement of internationally educated nurses through our Global Nursing/Allied Health Program (GNAP). If you are a healthcare employer, participating in this program delivers the fastest return on your recruitment investment and is the most affordable way of counteracting staffing shortages. Indeed, many clients see a full return on investment within six months or less of the nurse’s arrival.

By hiring and sponsoring their Visas to the United States you are guaranteed a Board Licensed, NCLEX passed, English speaking RN for a contracted amount of time, usually 3 years. They become permanent members of your staff upon arrival in the United States, receiving the same pay and benefits as regular staff members and contributing to your local community. There is an 85% retention rate after their 3 year contracts expire.

This is a turnkey recruiting solution for healthcare employers, starting with the sourcing, screening and background checks, facilitation of the hiring process, management of immigration paperwork, candidate credentialing, state licensure and coordination of the relocation process. We provide all these services for a flat fee per candidate to keep your recruitment efforts on budget. This program:

  • Increases the number of permanent nurses on your staff

  • Allows you to hire experienced professionals in volume 

  • Saves you money on travel and per diem nurses

  • Prevents your facility from closure due to staff shortages

Participating is Simple!

We do the heavy lifting for you. Decide how many nurses you need to hire. You can hire one or one hundred and the process is the same. By the time they start their job with you, our nurses will already have: 

  • BSN with minimum 2 years work experience

  • Passed NCLEX Exam

  • Passed IELTS or TOEFL Exam

  • BLS Certification 

  • Cleared background check

  • Passed medical exam

  • Commit to an employment contract of at least 3 years

  • Licensed with your state's Board of Nursing

  • Covid Negative Test

Act quickly because it is currently taking approximately 8-12 months to meet your hire in person. Not a bad wait, since you will still be dealing with shortages many years from now. Let us deal with the immigration headache while you focus on caring for your community. 

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